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When I had a Virgin mobile phone mine was a four digit number that I registered when I first called to start up the service You should be able to call their number and get some support from them Good Luck. Someone in my Twitter feed shared this question so I came to check it out. I'm definitely loving the information. I'm bookmarking and will be tweeting it to my followers! Existing questions. Related Questions Can I use any unlocked cell phone with Virgin mobile? More questions.

Update to new cell towers on Virgin Mobile? Cell Phone - Mobile Phone Question. First time buyer.? Answer Questions How do I get mt kep pad back on my phone? When my Bluetooth headphones are connected to my p20 pro the keep cutting out.

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I have tried resetting Bluetooth and switching it on and off? You bring up a great point, VM should definitely just display the account number in plain sight for their customers! Followed these instructions. Told them I just wanted the account number when they asked why. No big deal. I was on the phone for less than two minutes! I have Internet Explorer, not Chrome. Goto Debugger tab 4. Scroll down to line number 5. Line is: Thanks sooo much!

Worked like a charm! I appreciate the time you took to carefully detail it here! You ROCK! Hi Laurie, Thank you for your nice comment! This works amazingly well! However I will say Virgin Mobile is difficult to work with. I called and got right through with your steps. No system down time. Hi Wendy, Thank you for nice comment. Thanks for this. This process still works. I did tell I wanted the account number because I got a new phone that does not work on VM, and they gave me the number.

The rep even asked take sure I had paper and pen handy. Best of all, a few minutes later I was up and running on Consumer Cellular. What phone did you choose with Consumer Cellular? This information is very useful. I finally saw this help forum and was able to ask a live person before my account expired at the end of the month. Thanks again! Hi Ben, Thanks for the info! You can find those steps in detail here: Virgin mobile account without calling. I would like to add that if you have multiple accounts with VM and are trying to get your account number via the cookie method, you may need to clear the existing cookie before getting another number.

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Clearing the cookie before logging into her account allowed the second account number to pop up. Otherwise this worked flawlessly. I wish I had read these comments first. I told my son to follow the instructions and he told them that he was switching to another company. They kept him on the phone, trying to talk him into staying, they would not give him an account number. Finally after nearly 20 minutes, they gave it to him.

What a pain!! Hi Debbie, Thank you for your comment. I called. She transferred me to another person who kept me on the phone for 15 minutes. I already am on their VIP plan they let me use service for 2 weeks before charging me for free. I do like them alot and have been with them since They gave me my account number after the 15 minute call.

The guy on the phone made sure I had my account number before we got off the phone. Everyone on customer service has always been nice to me. Thanks for the help! Since you have been such a longtime customer, you might want to post a review of Virgin Mobile. I think they would appreciate hearing your feedback.

Hi Luc, Thank you for the tip!

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  • How do I find my Virgin Mobile account number?.
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  • I did see that some people said works the first two links and some said it did not third link: Personally, I would be a little leary to text my number and PIN to an unknown. I wish VM would simply show the number to each user via the secure account page. That is how this tip orginally worked and it would be much easier and safer. Your email address will not be published.

    How do I find my Virgin Mobile account number? Wednesday, You may be interested in: Ask J. Thursday, Saturday, Sunday, Hi Emily, Thank your for your nice comment and good tip. Friday, Monday, Tuesday, Hi CMR, Thanks for the confirmation and the great tip!

    • What is an example of a vkey for a virgin Mobile cell phone?;
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    • How do I find my Virgin Mobile account number?.
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      What is an example of a vkey for a virgin Mobile cell phone? | Yahoo Answers

      It does not make sense. Consumer Electronics. Chemistry Engineering Mathematics Physics. Where is the vkey on a virgin mobile phone? Confirm account pin vkey is required account pin vkey is required your account pin must be 6 digits long please try again. Asked by: Ads by Google. This site is best viewed while logged in. Top Solutions. It is your personal password that was set by you when you first activated the phone.

      You should c Add your answer. Anonymous Was this answer helpful? Yes No. Someone said: Was this comment helpful? I forgot mine then I called them and asked for my vkey. Give them ur proper information and they will hook you up its just a quick phone call. Also if u have a secret answer to their secret question u can by-pass the vkey everytime for plan changes and switching phones. Make sure to set one up.

      This answer closely relates to:. Suggested Solutions 10 What's this? You should call Virgin Mobile customer service as well, they should be able to tell you exactly what to do but here is the link to the vkey recovery page: How to recover my vkey from virgin mobile?

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      IF so, you should be able to e-mail yourself the password forgotten or write a new one. I have forgotten my virgin mobile vkey and secret question. Not the message but in your account you can see the date and time you sent the message as well as the phone number the message was sent to. Can you see actual text messages sent and received by a virgin mobile phone by logging into the virgin mobile website?

      Try factory reseting it hold down the power button and volume down button until it shows up with the screen.