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If you have been so absorbed by the act of slowly rotating on the spot to categorise your surroundings you want a constant reminder on your Home screen, install this. It lets you set a PhotoSphere as your wallpaper, using left and right swipes to scroll it roughly in time with the screens it sits behind, and the phone's motion control sensors to move your "head" up and down.

The Nexus 4's very latest Android OS already comes with the excellent mobile Chrome browser built-in, so the only way to get an even more bleeding-edge, nerdy web experience is to install Chrome Beta. It's a separate, standalone app, which Google uses to test new functionality with understanding users who don't mind the odd glitch. It means you get new features first, which is one of the big reasons people invest in Nexus devices in the first place.

If your Nexus is your mobile news hub, you'll no doubt be gutted that Google's decided to close its Reader RSS feed tool by the summer of This leaves a massive chasm in the world of desktop and mobile RSS reader apps, with few alternatives offering such a seamless RSS experience.

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Fortunately, Feedly's just about there when it comes to matching Google's old Reader in terms of cross-platform reading, article syncing and sharing, plus it comes with a vastly superior design that borrows heavily from the stylish news aggregators like Flipboard and Google's own Currents app. Current page: Be aware that it means wiping your phone of all data.

Performing a root is a fairly involved process that we do not recommend for beginners.

Google Nexus 4 tips and tricks | Trusted Reviews

Essential apps Apps are the lifeblood of any Android phone. This lets it act like an MHL port. Wireless charger — The most eye-catching Google Nexus 4 accessory is the wireless induction charger. Its performance has been criticised in the states too. However — still cool. Home Opinion.

10 Best Google Nexus 4 Apps

Want to know how to get the most out of your Google Nexus 4? Read on. O2 mid-contract price rises are coming — are EE, Vodafone and Three hiking rates too? Liverpool vs Bayern Munich Live Stream: How to watch the Champions League online.

Released in November , it was, on the surface, a decent handset, showcasing the new and unique features of Android KitKat, while lacking some of the premium specs of its competitors. The Nexus 5 landed the same year that the Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5s hit the scene, smash-hits for their respective manufacturers.

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Enter the Nexus 5, with a Snapdragon chipset, and a brand new operating system. Again, the difference between middle-of-the-road smartphones and premium variants was far greater — before the likes of OnePlus, Huawei, Xiaomi et al rocked up with their budget-premium phones — than now. So with the Nexus 5, consumers got a phone that felt immediately impressive that belied its price tag.

Bring the cutting-edge of apps to Google's tech-leading Nexus model

But Google nailed it in other areas too. The nuances of the display, melded with the blazing performance, formed an imperceptible quality that just begged the phone to be played with. It was arguably the modding scene, however, that really solidified it as a classic handset. The Nexus 5 was used as the reference device for many ROM and app projects, and is still being developed for to this day.

It was affordable, it performed well, and was customizable.