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With great 3D graphics and realistic physics, this game is a fun and useful way to practice pool. The unique challenges are an especially good way to work on your skills so you can deal with tricky situations in real games. With so much to do and the interesting characters and atmosphere you won't get bored of this addicting game!

8 Ball Pool pour Android - Télécharger

Do you have what it takes to become a pool champion? Challenge yourself now with Midnight Pool 3D! Midnight Pool 3D is an entertaining pool game that has you taking on a friend or computer opponents in games like 9-ball. Several modes of play add some variety, while a tutorial teaches you everything from the basics to the toughest trick shots. The ability to choose between 2D and 3D views while playing adds a great touch to a good pool game. You start a game by selecting a character to play. Your choice is limited to only a few at first, but you can unlock more to use later in the game.

The only difference between the characters is the way they look and sound. While this lets you select the one you like the most without any penalty, it also means your choice has little meaning. It could have been a great addition to have characters with different stats or abilities affecting how well they play pool. After selecting your character, you select the type of pool you want to play such as 9-ball. You place a bet on yourself to win, and a coin is flipped to determine who breaks.

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The game plays with the rules of the type of pool you picked. Once the game ends, you earn cash based on your performance and from your bet. You may also get the chance to perform a trick shot that you can bet on. If you accept the challenge, you can double your money or lose it all. There are three modes of play as well as several types of pool you can play.

Arcade mode lets you take on a computer opponent or a friend in a single match.

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Story mode has you traveling across the country to take on a variety of computer opponents. Each of these modes gives you a choice as to the type of pool you play. You can choose between 8-ball with US rules, 8-ball with UK rules, and 9-ball. While this choice is great, it is also a bit limited. More game types would have been an excellent addition.

8 Ball Pool HD

There's also a Challenge mode that gives you a series of difficult trick shots to attempt. One of the better features of the game is the tutorial that it includes. The tutorial takes you through the basics of taking shots, but also explains and has you perform several trick shots as well. The biggest issue with the modes is the lack of any sort of online play for more multiplayer action. Midnight Pool gives you several difficulty levels to select from ranging from easy to hard. The ability to change the difficulty gives you the ability to tune the challenge more towards your skill level, and change it later as you improve.

The Challenge mode also provides a more difficult set of obstacles for the more experienced and skillful players to complete. The controls in the game are simple and easy for anyone to pick up quickly. The tutorial is also very useful in learning the controls. You need only the mouse to aim and shoot. The simple controls and play makes this a game anyone can easily play. However 8 Ball Pool game is so interesting and you can play it by your own tricks, you just have to hit the ball with the stick and there are six pots to get in for goal. You have to collect the coins for this game and this can be used to get tables and buy new sticks that have more power.

This ultimate Online game is played between two players who either choose Solids or Stripes. The Player who choose solids has to strike only the Solid color balls which are numbered 1 to 7 and vice versa.

If a user makes a foul or scratch while playing his chance the ball will be passed to the other player along with the white ball in his hands, which he can place anywhere on the table and can play any shot he wants , once the player is finished plotting the black ball into the pocket, the game ends. The one who has plotted the black ball after plotting all his balls is announced as the winner of the game.

The feel of the game is like it is playing on real table and same sound effects can be realized when anyone play this game online. Play pool with other players around the world, against a friend or against a random player in guest mode. Don't forget to use canny attacking and strategies to defeat your opponent. Spectacularly potting balls is all well and good but you must also try to make sure you have good table position for your subsequent shot.

Always keep in mind for extra creativity. Besides from your usual routine shots, try an unique shooting work. Step up to get out of the comfort area.

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So what sre you waiting for? Download our ultimate 8 Ball Pool for Free!! Download 8 Ball Pool Online for your phone and tablets today and have endless hours of fun. Please don't forget to Rate and Review 8 Ball Pool! Your Reviews Matter! Happy Potting Action!! I was waiting for 5 minutes for a match hoping to fight someone in pool but, after 5 minutes no one came to play with me.

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Download Mobile Apps 8 ball pool for nokia e5

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