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  1. How to Transfer Files From Android to PC Using USB Cable
  2. How to Transfer Files From Android to PC Using USB Cable
  3. Backup & Restore Android as Android Backup Software
  4. Android File Transfer Key Features

Download and install this software on your Windows computer. Before getting your Android mobile phone detected by the program, you need to enable USB debugging on your phone first see picture. Step 2. After detecting your phone, this program will automatically install USB driver on your computer and then scan your phone data deeply. A few minutes later, you will get a main interface as shown. Step 3. Preview any file of your Android smart phone as you like. Then you can enter the "Contacts" folder and touch the "All SMS", "Inbox" or "Outbox"option to view the whole text message conversations.

Now you can select your needed messages and press the "Backup" button to save them to the specific location of your computer. By the way, there are several options on the menu, you can click them to delete and add SMS messages whenever you need. Moreover, if you want to send text messages to others, you should hit the "Send" icon. In this way, you can totally manage your Android phone on computer as you want.

Everytime when I need to transfer files between my Samsung mobile phone to computer, it is my first choice.

How to Transfer Files From Android to PC Using USB Cable

Free Trial. This solution is good for transferring files between Android and Windows for the same user. Download Link: Google Drive Dropbox OneDrive.

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  3. Download Android File Transfer for Windows XP - Best Software & Apps.
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As long as you have the apps installed on Android and Windows, these Apps are the best solution to transfer files between Android and Windows PC. These File transfer apps are most reliable, fast, secure and easy to handle. The apps are not restricted based on the user account.

How to Transfer Files From Android to PC Using USB Cable

In short, any Android owner can initiate the file transfer to any windows machine and with proper pairing or authorization. We are listing the top three free Apps to transfer files between Android and Windows. All these have both Windows and Android apps and work together pretty well.

How to Install MTP driver on Windows Xp windows media player

AirDroid app is the best in town that offers multiplatform support. SHAREit is another platform that offers file transfer speed of up to times Bluetooth files transfer. Samsung Kies is another exclusive app for Samsung phone users. This app also supports Windows and Mac to transfer files from Android.

You can connect Windows even in offline and transfer files from Android using these apps.

Backup & Restore Android as Android Backup Software

When you want to transfer large Android files to PC, then this direct plugin USB transfer will be the most stable solution. This method is simple and usable for most of the files, but it requires you to take the USB cable supplied with the Tablet or Android Phone always. It may not be practical to most of the people; hence it is advised only for large file transfers where one will occasionally do. This App on PC will help the user to explore the Android folders and transfer files between both platforms.

This Android File Explorer app will help you to browse and transfer files between Windows computer and Android device. Android File Transfer. You can access the files on the Pen Drive and download files from the drive to Android or upload files to this OTG drive. If you want to transfer very large files like HD movies etc. The disadvantage is that these USB drives need to carry wherever we are going.

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  2. Apps to Transfer Android Files to Windows PC?
  3. Download Android Transfer for Windows XP - Best Software & Apps.

Save Your Data! Fortunately, most of the Laptops now have the SD card reader integrated into them which is very helpful to transfer the files. The method is that we need to copy the file into External SD card if it is not yet copied, and Remove the Card from Tablet and insert the Card into Laptop using proper Adapters and then we can transfer the files from SD card to Laptop.

Android File Transfer Key Features

The disadvantage is that some tablets may not be having SD card option and some laptops may not be having the Card reader options. In addition to that suitable adapters may be required to insert the card into Laptop slot. When you select it is always better to select higher class SD files like class 10 or above, which will make sure higher speed while you are reading or writing into the SD card either from PC or Android device. You can see in this article, a couple of good selections and how to select good SD card instructions. Email attachments were the primary way to transfer files between devices in the past that has become almost obsolete with new technology and Apps.

As the technology advances, we can find newer methods of file transfer like NFC. With these Apps, we can directly attach many files easily to many users which can be downloaded to all the receivers whether Android or Windows. Please see more cross-platform Chat apps that support file transfer. However, these chat apps may compress the files and reduce the quality. Also, most of the chat apps are supporting only media files. You may not able to transfer doc and PDF files. You can also use the other methods given here for transferring files between Android and PC.

However, those solutions may take more time than this.

Transfer Data from Android with Cloud Drives

Cloud Storage option needs a double transfer of the files, i. Also, WiFi direct option may not be worthwhile when compared to the size of the file. It will be cumbersome to take cables and adapters if you want to try the methods of a direct plugin and Pen Drive options.