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  1. Watch a video about finding your device
  2. Find Your Lost Android Phone Without a Tracking App
  3. Find your phone

Todd Haselton robotodd. Here's what you need to do.

Watch a video about finding your device

Go to iCloud. Open "Find iPhone. If you own an Android phone, here's how you prepare: Open the Google Play Store. Search for and download the app " Find My Device " from Google. Open the Find My Device application. Log in with your Google account. If you lose your Android phone: Navigate to https: Log in to your Google account. Select the missing device from your list of phones. Click "Locate" to spot the phone on a map.

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Find Your Lost Android Phone Without a Tracking App

A word of note: Todd Haselton Technology Product Editor. Independent Programming. News Tips Got a confidential news tip? This is a security measure to prevent malware from being pushed to a device. Click on the install button and follow the install process. For the install to complete the device must be on and have data. If not the install will be queued until it does. Once the app does install it should send you a few emails with location data.

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Get it here https: I know creepy right, but in this case you just might be thanking them. Login to the Maps location history page with the Google account of the device your trying to find. You should now see all the different places your phone has been.

Find Your Android Phone (Updated App)

You can get the app from Google Play and setup a Commander account at wheresmydroid. Great advice.

Someone did find the phone and returned it. Now we know.

Find your phone

How do I get around all that? ADM needs an email and password to validate that you are the owner of the phone. If there was then anyone could track anyones phone. I think my phone was stolen. I have wheres my Droid but my phone has been turned off. Any suggestions. Its not possible to track a device once its turned off. You can use the Google Location History mentioned in this post to get the last known location of the device. Thanks Brad for such great alternatives from finding a android phone I lost mine 2 days ago I hope I can find it using your suggestions.

I guess all of these options only work if you have a data plan? Yes you are correct, you need a data plan for all these options.