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Sometimes when updating the postage I put in the info and go back and fill out the other sections, only to see that the postage part is blank. Maybe I am the chosen one on eBay and have been bestowed this great honor of App glitches?

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Login is required to post comments. If you have not yet signed up for AB Verify, or if you'd like more information, go to the Registration Page. Sincerely, Long-time fed up eBay seller. Tweet Share. Comments 10 Permalink. Many important details are missing otherwise. The mobile app has been buggy since Day One. And they still haven't figured out a method to include the Viewport Meta Tag automatically- it must be manually inserted each time so your listings are optimized for mobile phones.

Since eBay swears most shoppers use mobile devices, and not their desktop computers to purchase, it is baffling how these constant glitches are not addressed Mon Feb 5 This happened to me on the desktop site. I called CS and was told, 'That cannot happen.


Recognizing a problem in eBay’s iPad app

When they say "that can't happen" then they don't forward the glitch to those who can fix it. CS needs to be trained to forward these myriad complaints since there are so many ever changing ones, but they are not trained correctly. CS wanted to ding me financially for ending the sale early. How do I hate eBay? I don't have tie to count the ways.

Recognizing a problem in eBay’s iPad app - Chris Kenst

Tool I was stating that the mobile site was ''buggy''. Whether a buyer or seller, if it is true that the majority of eBay purchases are made via mobile devices, the fact that there are ANY issues affects us all. Why must you constantly attempt to challenge the facts that I and many other ECB readers contribute to these blogs?

I have become so used to the glitches on my iPad eBay app that at this point if they fixed them I would become confused as to how to proceed. And often it will kick out all my photo work saying "no connection to server".

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Being a full time eBay seller I use a desktop to list my items. I can't remember the last time I had a "glitch" listing. They happen once in a blue moon. I exclusively use the app to list my items. It really sped up the process because my photos are all on my phone. The GTC problem is a glitch for me too. My workaround: I am very careful to check the dropdown that shows the listing duration before hitting the button to list.

I also view the listing after I've listed it to ensure that it is not GTC. You do have a window of time to change it from GTC to a different duration. I do have to finish up my listings on the desktop site because the app lacks: Of course they are saying no reports of this because there is nowhere to report it!!!! The only thing I can suggest is giving the app a 1 star review and detailing the bug.

They may look at that, who knows? Bob V2. I don't know why anyone would use the mobile app for either buying or selling. As a seller, I've found that my buyers have many problems when using the mobile app. It's too buggy and has too few useful features to be worthwhile. I had an older version of the app that was discontinued about within hours of the announcement that it would be discontinued "soon. I've been hesitant to update it because software in this age of forced updates usually winds up less useful the more they "upgrade" it.

But I didn't have time to do that when Square broke their app on Android 4 so fat chance I'll get around to it for eBay. Don't forget to synchronise your data before and after each session, customize your columns, and check any changes to listing fees. With it's in-built Account Guard, it's safer too.

An eBay spokesman told me "eBay Sidebar was developed closely with Mozilla, and can be downloaded as a plug in, or more uniquely as an add-on pre-added to the browser. We've had well over a million downloads and very positive feedback from users. Search for items within a certain price range, those ending soon, or click on one of the popular searches.

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Terapeak Recently acquired by eBay's to replace their now retired Marketplace Research, Terapeak is a must for any eBay seller looking to glean valuable insights into what's selling, who's selling it, and for how much. Frooition's Andrew Main is a fan: Just Ship It Just Ship It 's easy-to-use interfaces allows you to download all sold items and produce invoices, labels and picking lists and reduces the time spent in packing and shipping your products.

It works with the eBay API to pull sales and customer data so you can easily print invoices, labels, store customer data. Aimco Packing Partner is also another well-received solution. Bulk Relister may not be an exciting application but it makes mass editing your listings over 27 variables in a painless task. Chris Dawson, co-founder of eBay blog TameBay. It's a good tool - it's a very quick, easy and efficient way to bulk revise your listings' attributes".